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Ritmo do Brazil Instructor Training – ONLINE – JUNE 20 ( With Luana Dias)




Ritmo do Brazil Instructor Training ONLINE

Ritmo do Brazil Instructor Training ONLINE

Promo price 230 €  normal price 280 



* 9:30 Registration
* 10:00 Start Training: Welcome Ritmo do Brazil

* 10:20 Ritmo do Brazil Virtual – MASTERCLASS

* 11:30 Basic movements

  • Forro
  • Axé
  • Funk
* 13:30 Break
* 14:15 Start 2° part

* 14:15 music theory, Beat, masterbeat – member ship

* 15:00 Basic movements 2° Part

  • Samba
  • Afro
  • Capoeira

17:00 Warmup – Middle Phase – Cooldown

* 17:30 Test

*18:00 Finish

Ritmo do Brazil has born from the collaboration between André Cruz (Brazuca Fitness) and Tiago Da Silva (Official Sambafit). They have been able to create an explosive and unique format, giving to fans of dance and fitness the best of the Brazilian culture without losing sight of the characteristics of these two disciplines among the best known and famous in the international Fitness World.

Brazuca Fitness®
Brazuca Fitness is new trend in the Fitness world as well as in well-being.Our plan is different form all the other ones because we aim to give 100% Brasilian imprint.
Brazuca Fitness is created by Andrè Cruz, choreographer,dancer and Fitness trainer. Brazuca fitness  is an explosive mix which incorporates basic gym movements, tribal rhythms and Brazilian dance, Afro dance moves, movements from Brazilian martial arts such as Capoeira and Maculele, and most important the key ingredient of a successful fitness program:  FUN. A total workout, combining cardio and strength training. Brazuca Fitness keeps classes successfull thanks to the choice of the right music, which gives to participants the high energy and to let themselves go into those rhythms.
which are already fun according to the tradition of Brazilian and Latin culture……..
One hour class of Brazuca Fitness choreographies,  works many different muscles, thanks to the movements from both culture and brazilian dance movements, such as:

SAMBA – Brazilian dance from Carnival which works most of all the lower body muscles, legs and bums.

AFRO and TRIBAL – a very strong physical expression dance, that works arms muscles and legs muscles in  coordinated movements.

CAPOEIRA – a mix of dance and martial art which develops a great agility, as well as coordination, resistance and strength.

– Maculelê – the Brazuca Maculelê is an innovative form of cardiovascular and toning that takes its cue from Maculelê (using his movements, inspired to it but nn is the real Maculelê). The Brazuca Maculelê is carried out with the use of two sticks of remixed music.

What is Sambafit Official ?
Sambafit Official is a registered trademark of the fitness industry created by Tiago Da Silva which is conquering all gyms in Italy and those in other European countries. Sambafit is a very energizing and high impact activity highly appreciated specially by women, combining the best of cardio fitness with Brazilian selected dance steps which brings excellent benefits to the abdomen and buttock muscles.
Sambafit is incredibly engaging and combines an intuitive choreography with an extraordinarily effective and deep method in terms of calories consumption and muscles stimulation.
Be prepared for surprising results not only in your B side: Sambafit’s energy rub off in your soul, starting making you smile!

Funny, engaging and of high impact, Sambafit’s lessons are open to everyone: groups are formed according to students preparation level and by age (5-7 to 70 years old) and thanks to this can be carried out both by those who is approaching fitness for the first time, both by those who already practice the Samba and want to try a new and irresistible activity to keep fit.
If you want to push the accelerator on aerobic performance or pursue a measured and controlled muscles stimulation and toning activitivities, lessons can be modulated according your needs and desires.

The Brazilian music, the rhythm of the Samba by now widespread in the most important schools in the world, is the main source of inspiration that drives our lessons.

🌍 www.ritmodobrazil.com – info@ritmodobrazil.com –
Cell: +39 351-9400965
Instagram/youtube / facebook : Ritmo do Brazil